Seminarium: The world post covid-19 – A poorer place

2021-04-20 kl. 14:00 – 15:00

Seminarium under Mänskliga Rättighetsdagarna.

A global pandemic has scorched the world for the last year, causing death and illness at a speed not seen for over 100 years. In the fight against the deadly virus cities, countries have been in lock-down, people have been told to stay at home, schools have been temporarily shut down and more or less all events have been cancelled or postponed. On Februari 2 the pandemic had in itself taken some estimated 2,24 million lives world wide – but the real number is most likely higher and as the virus continues to spread, taking new forms there is no saying what the final number will be.

A part from the deaths and suffering from the virus itself, the measures to counter it will have an impact on many peoples lives for years to come. Poverty from unemployment, lack of education and restrictions in human rights- and freedoms, violations of democratic values and a world full of silenced cultural workers.

What lies ahead, what needs to be done – when and how will states be able to heal the long-term effects of covid-19? Will the gap between rich and poor countries in the world get even larger? What are the responsibilities of the world community?